Are You Sharing What You Love During This Crisis

Eric Paskel
by Eric Paskel
June 09, 2020

Summary: Not only is sharing what you love with others a great way to stay engaged and connected, it will help inspire them to do what they love, too.

Let me share a story to illustrate.

A Story about a Former Student

I am a philosopher along with being a marriage and family counselor and a yoga teacher. I received a Facebook request the other day from a familiar name. I could just barely recognize the face, although it looked so young compared to the face I knew the last name from. The first name is different. And I was sifting through a page I don’t really look at, and there was a message, and the message was from him.

Here it is:

“Hi, Eric. Remember when you used to teach in West Bloomfield, Michigan, and my Dad would take me to the class and I would sit outside and there were hundreds of people in your class? I’ve suffered from a great deal of anxiety and fear that has crippled me. And I have recently started doing some yoga, and it’s been very helpful, and I’ll never forget how inspired my parents were and how inspired that made me. That’s why I turned to yoga in my time of need. My Dad suggested I reach out and call you. I’m very interested in learning more about how you grew and learned yoga philosophy and how you became able to share with others and help people.”

So I responded and said, “I got your back. Anything you need, I’m here.” And I asked to set up a time to talk.

He responded back, saying, “Thank you. I can’t believe you responded. I can’t believe this.”

I said, “I can’t believe you reached out as a young man who’s maybe 21 tops.”

And he said, “No, no, no, thank you. Thank you.”

So here’s somebody whose father I haven’t even spoken to in many years. I mean, here’s a little kid who has been inspired.

So something you might share. You might not even think that it impacts anybody. It might have a huge impact, one which could even be life changing. Your duty is to put things out, to share what you love, and to give it away. Hobbies, projects, basic things, whatever may be your expertise, your profession, whatever that may be.

How to Share What We Love

It’s important to do what we love – to spend time in activities that make us come alive and that we’re passionate about.

But it’s also important to share what you love with the people you love.

The sharing helps you to do more of it. So the idea of sharing gets you inspired to do this thing that you’re passionate about.

And when you’re doing something you love, you know you’re in that space, You’re in that happy space, and then sharing it allows other people to see you in that light.

A lot of times we categorize our lives and our lifestyles and our friends. You have your tennis friends and you have your Internet friends, your card friends, and then you have your deep friends, and then you have your workout friends. And what’s beautiful about sharing the activities you love with all of your friends is that many of them haven’t seen you in that certain light. So they get to see you in a new light, and since sharing begets sharing, they’ll share back.

Then you get to see them in that light, and you open up doors to both deepen your relationships and make new connections you might not have made. People get to see what you’re really interested in and how you respond to that. You can also share in a way to promote what you’re doing, so you get to introduce what may create interest, and that creates this incredible kind of conversation and education.

Now, you can’t control what other people think. There are people that would see you doing something in ways that you’re not intending. So you put your best foot forward, as long as you’re not shoving it down someone’s throat or being braggadocious about your capabilities or talent. Just be you. Don’t worry about what other people are thinking. That’s a recipe for disaster. You start perverting your behaviors, and then they are weird and different.

When should one share what they love?

Supply and demand – when there’s an audience. If there’s an audience for it, then you share it. If there’s not, you don’t. It’s really that simple. And you can always ask to see if there is an audience.

Sharing is also helping. If someone asks for help, it’s our duty to respond to the call. If we don’t respond, we don’t share what we love.

And you will experience how this works for yourself. No doubt these incredible benefits really last a lifetime. When you do so, the hope is that you’ll be inspired. You’ll inspire others to pick up projects and hobbies, to learn things that transform themselves, and to remain positive.

The hope is, that you’ll inspire others to pick up projects, hobbies, and things they love, too, so that they learn things that transform themselves, and remain positive.

The importance of sharing during this time will fuel your purpose and keep your spirits up! I can’t wait to see the love you decide to share! We got you!

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Eric Paskel

by Eric Paskel

As a teenager Eric hit rock bottom and ended up in a drug rehab and came out clean and sober. He eventually moved from his home town of Detroit to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Eric landed a role in the original Baywatch series and was living his dream, or so he believed. Despite his outward success, he remained lonely, unhappy, and unfulfilled. His personal life and his then-professional life hit rock bottom. This prompted him to start taking Yoga classes. Eric’s hunger for wisdom and to become the best version of himself fueled him to go deeper into Yoga and study under some of India’s most respected teachers.