Finding Joy in Crisis

Eric Paskel
by Eric Paskel
June 04, 2020

Summary: You can always find joy, even in the midst of change, confusion, chaos and crisis.

Let me illustrate:

My Daughter’s Birthday in Quarantine

My daughter’s 18th birthday happened during the early days of the quarantine. Of course an 18th birthday is a pretty big deal. And she’s always been a birthday person. As you can imagine, for her 18th birthday she had big plans to go out with friends, and of course, that didn’t happen.

So my wife – who is brilliant and creative – decided to create 18 different rooms in her home. Our home is not that big, but she created 18 rooms in our home. They were all stations. There was an attitude room, a game room, a music festival room, a cuddle room, a TV room, a sticker room, a dress-up room, a photo shop, and a puzzle room. It was just unbelievable. We even had a Britney Spears party within all of that because we had karaoke.

So my wife got really creative and we helped her out. And my daughter came home, you should have seen her face. It was the best birthday party I’ve ever been a part of, and we were in quarantine.

So the joy factor was so prevalent and the celebratory factor was so overwhelming and we didn’t have much of anything. I ran out quickly to get some things, and she’s allergic to gluten. And I found a place that was open in the middle of the pandemic and got her a cake and got everybody food that we all could eat. And it was just absolutely delightful and really beyond celebration. The joy really showed that.

When the love is there and the joy is there and the intention to celebrate is there, you don’t need much of anything else. They don’t have to be a ton of people. There doesn’t have to be lavish gifts. It doesn’t have to be traveled. You could just be at home and have the most special party.

The hope is that in times of challenge and crisis, you can learn how to tap into your space of joy before you fall into depression, fear, and other negative emotions.

Because you can choose to celebrate and be joyous even in challenging times, You can find peace in chaos.

How to Celebrate in Trying Times

So what does it mean to celebrate?

Celebration comes from the way one chooses to see, perceive and be in the world. Specifically to be joyous in your very existence. And that comes from a deep understanding of what it really means to be human.

So asking why we should be celebrating is like asking why we should breathe – if you want to live at all, the only real way to live is to have joy.

How do you celebrate and have joy, even when others are focusing on the negative?

That’s like asking how do you not have diarrhea when someone else has food poisoning. You have to understand that just because others are negative, why would that have any impact on you at all?

It has an impact on you because your joy and your celebration isn’t pure. You’re not pure. You’re not whole. You’re not full. And unless you’re seemingly solid from head to toe, unless you’re a complete human being, you get into trouble because what other people are doing bothers you or excites you.

But in the principles of philosophy and living that shouldn’t happen at all. What does that have to do with you?

Now, we’re not talking about New Year’s with confetti flying and champagne being opened. That’s an immature thought and perception of celebration and joy. And obviously, throwing confetti and popping champagne certainly could be inappropriate in the midst of others suffering.

Joy comes out of positivity. Celebration comes out of acknowledgements and affirmations, it comes out of your sense of freedom and purpose. And those shouldn’t be dimmed by others actions or feelings. So if you find that others negativity or suffering impedes your celebration, then you know you have work to do.

When should you celebrate and be joyous? Every day, all day. No breaks, no holidays, no vacations. Who should be celebrating and joyous? Everybody.

Celebration and joy isn’t a superficial feeling. It’s a deep understanding about the gift you received of life. And in exercising that gift, anything you do with the acknowledgement that life is so precious is a celebration. And then your actions become celebratory.

Finding joy is not just for joyous moments. It’s a state within yourself that you can access if you choose to. Celebrating in challenging times helps to reframe your mentality about what a challenge really is and helps to have longer-lasting positive effects on your body and mind.

Remember, anything you do can be a celebration and be celebrated! With or without anyone else around!

If you watch today’s podcast I will share more about joy and celebration. And want more tools that will help you not just survive a crisis, but thrive in one, check out my free online course the Emotional Survival Kit.

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Eric Paskel

by Eric Paskel

As a teenager Eric hit rock bottom and ended up in a drug rehab and came out clean and sober. He eventually moved from his home town of Detroit to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Eric landed a role in the original Baywatch series and was living his dream, or so he believed. Despite his outward success, he remained lonely, unhappy, and unfulfilled. His personal life and his then-professional life hit rock bottom. This prompted him to start taking Yoga classes. Eric’s hunger for wisdom and to become the best version of himself fueled him to go deeper into Yoga and study under some of India’s most respected teachers.