When you understand you’re not alone, you’ll understand it’s a matter of creating relationships and making connections with, and you’ll never feel lonely again.

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Finding Joy in Crisis

Thursday Jun 04, 2020

You can always find joy, even in the midst of change, confusion, chaos and crisis.

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The Benefits of Self Sufficiency

Wednesday Jun 03, 2020

Being self sufficient is critical to your personal and emotional freedom, and a crisis is a great opportunity to become more self sufficient.

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With a simple change in perspective a crisis or a forced change, like having to work from home, is an opportunity.

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The Emotional Survival Kit is a FREE online training that will show you:

Red Angry Face

How to calm yourself when you are Freaking Out (or about to.)

Blue Happy Face

How to talk to Children during a Crisis

Red Sad Face

How to deal with sickness and Loss.

Blue Love Face

How to be part of the Solution in a crisis.