About Eric Paskel

From “walking on the wild side” to enjoying peace and joy

Eric Paskel is a guy who hit rock bottom and had plenty of moments of crisis on the way down

He’s also a guy who’s studied philosophy daily, and has flown around the globe every year to study and learn from teachers and experts that understand the human condition.

You’d think these are two different guys. And in a way they are, as the transformation that Eric went through was pretty profound.

But the point is that Eric doesn’t just teach this stuff, he works hard to live it.

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He wasn’t born level-headed, centered, balanced and in control.

He had to work hard to become that way – and he’d be the first to tell you, he still has a long way to go, as we all do.

The point is that wherever you’re at in terms of crisis or set-backs, Eric’s been there, knows the way out, and wants to teach that way out to you for free.

And because Eric “field-tested” his teachings out first, you can be sure they’re practical and effective instead of woo-woo nonsense.

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Eric’s Experience and Qualifications

Eric has devoted 34 years of his life to understanding how human beings can rise above their dysfunctional tendencies and control their emotions instead of being controlled by them. This skill is especially useful in a crisis.

As part of that life mission, Eric has earned a masters degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage, Family, and Child therapist.

Eric has taught tens of thousands, including other Yoga instructors. He has written 3 books and has led countless seminars.

Eric’s most recent release is The Emotional Survival Kit, an online video course on personal crisis management.

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Eric’s Story

As a teenager Eric hit rock bottom and ended up in a drug rehab and came out clean and sober. He eventually moved from his home town of Detroit to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

Eric landed a role in the original Baywatch series and was living his dream, or so he believed. Despite his outward success, he remained lonely, unhappy, and unfulfilled. His personal life and his then-professional life hit rock bottom.

This prompted him to start taking Yoga classes. Eric’s hunger for wisdom and to become the best version of himself fueled him to go deeper into Yoga and study under some of India’s most respected teachers.

Eric also earned his masters degree

In Clinical Psychology and became a family therapist, helping hundreds of families.

In addition to his therapy practice, Eric went on to start a chain of Yoga studies and continues to teach Yoga both on the mat and off, helping thousands practice Yoga not just for their bodies but for their entire lives.

Eric lives in Los Angeles with his wife and youngest daughter.

In his spare time he plays tennis, skis, and roots for the Detroit Red Wings.

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The Emotional Survival Kit is a FREE online training that will show you:

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How to calm yourself when you are Freaking Out (or about to.)

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How to talk to Children during a Crisis

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How to deal with sickness and Loss.

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How to be part of the Solution in a crisis.