Are You Tapping Into Your Inner Child During This Crisis

Eric Paskel
by Eric Paskel
June 08, 2020

Summary: You can tap into your inner child and let yourself feel free, not heavy. This can help you be in charge of the moment.

Share a 15-second video (could be a tiktok) of yourself going goofy and being silly.

Celebrating My Daughter’s 18th Birthday

We helped my daughter celebrate her 18th birthday in quarantine. So we have to make a party for her, and this is not my forte. By the way, goofiness and silliness is. But certainly making parties is not. And being creative about that is certainly not. Thank God my wife is great at that. She created 18 rooms. We do not have 18 rooms in the house, but she created 18 rooms in the house that all were based on themes.

Themes that my daughter Layla loves:

  • There was a rolling loud room.
  • A festival she loves room.
  • A Karaoke room.
  • A puzzle room.
  • A game room.
  • An attitude room.
  • A photo room.
  • A kitchen room where you could cook your own dishes.
  • A friend room where you go in that room and you call a friend.

My wife and my other daughter even dressed up as different forms of Britney Spears. And there I was dancing and singing. Just way outside of my norm. It was amazing.

I had a poem that I was reading for her. It’s one of the things I do for folks I love on their birthdays. I write something special. But it inspired me in the moment to dress up in character, as this wizard. I went upstairs and I found all this stuff real fast.

And next thing I know, I came in, I was introduced, and I came in as this wizard, and it changed everything. Because there’s a part of me that just opened up that I didn’t even see before. And it was such a beautiful night.

The point is that when you tap into that inner child energy, there are things that you’ll see and experience that you could never see from the vision of an adult. The adult’s vision never lends itself to what the child is necessarily seeing at all.

How to Let Go and Tap into your inner Child

Your inner child is an energy, as well as an easy source for that glorious sense of adventure and curiosity you may remember from your own childhood. So tapping into that is incredibly important for an adult.

Feeling a certain sense of heaviness, uncertainty and anxiety during these times of crisis is, unfortunately, normal. But if you look at children, they don’t feel the same heaviness adults feel. In fact, from all appearances, it seems that they feel light and joyous.

At the same time, it’s important to remember that you’re an adult, with the benefits of a developed intellect capable of being in charge of your emotions and mind rather than the other way around. We want to have a child-like sense of wonder and energy, not a childish immaturity.

The benefits of tapping into your inner child can be that you will be able to see things in a different light, that you can take problems and not see them as such anymore. You can fall down and get back up. You won’t be afraid to try new things, and you can laugh at yourself. It brings a sense of freshness and joy into everything you do, and that in itself is the value.

Maybe try tapping into it when you’re washing your dishes. I don’t like washing dishes. That’s a really good time for my inner child to come up. I can, all of a sudden, make it into an adventure. You gotta turn that on.

Let’s take something like lovemaking. That’s very adult. But the sense of playfulness that can come along with that is a great place to be. You can bring your inner child into work, too. You can have fun with your assignments.

You just have to be in control of that tap. You can tap the child, saying, “Come on out, kiddo.”

But don’t let that inner child tap you. You don’t want to be sucked into the kid’s scenario. You’re the adult.

What are the steps to help you start connecting with your inner child?

Step One: is wanting to tap into your inner child, saying “Yes, I’m willing to do this. I want to do this.”

Step Two: is finding a healthy trigger that can help make this easier. For instance, turn on Bugs Bunny or a cartoon that’s one of your favorites. Go reminisce, look at a photo album. Watch the Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, or watch a silly Jim Carrey movie.

Step Three: once that part of you is triggered and you’re out of your ego and free, that’s when you have to thrust yourself into the experience. If you’re with people, just be goofy. Tell them to be goofy with you. Seriously, make jokes. Pretend to play games. Do little skits, improv. All those things help you loosen up. You can find and tap that little goofiness in you through that inner child.

So the hope is that you’ve seen your beauty and your lightheartedness, and that’s always something that lives inside of you. And you can use that, especially to break the monotony and the heaviness about any crisis.

The importance of doing your tapping into your Inner Child during this time is vital for your growth and well-being. I can’t wait to see what you can create! We got you!

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Eric Paskel

by Eric Paskel

As a teenager Eric hit rock bottom and ended up in a drug rehab and came out clean and sober. He eventually moved from his home town of Detroit to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Eric landed a role in the original Baywatch series and was living his dream, or so he believed. Despite his outward success, he remained lonely, unhappy, and unfulfilled. His personal life and his then-professional life hit rock bottom. This prompted him to start taking Yoga classes. Eric’s hunger for wisdom and to become the best version of himself fueled him to go deeper into Yoga and study under some of India’s most respected teachers.