It’s really important for you to have an exercise routine, especially these days. You’re given one life and one body – and if you want to be physically comfortable in it as long as you possibly can, then you better move it. Exercise also improves your state of mind and your sense of self-worth.

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It is so important to celebrate your wins, because it’s vital for our continuing growth. Celebrate the small wins as well as the big ones, to note your progress and keep your spirits up.

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Being of service is the best way to benefit yourself and others. It’s the healthiest contribution to humanity and society, to give your support and build camaraderie, collaboration, and connection.

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Even in a crisis, you should stay connected and enjoy the simple things. If you can’t enjoy the simple things, then you’ll never really, truly enjoy the big things.

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The Emotional Survival Kit is a FREE online training that will show you:

Red Angry Face

How to calm yourself when you are Freaking Out (or about to)

Blue Happy Face

How to talk to Children during a Crisis

Red Sad Face

How to deal with sickness and Loss

Blue Love Face

How to be part of the Solution in a crisis