emotional survival kit

Not only is sharing what you love with others a great way to stay engaged and connected, it will help inspire them to do what they love, too.

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You can tap into your inner child and let yourself feel free, not heavy. This can help you be in charge of the moment.

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Let’s not take things for granted! Now is the time to realize that we don’t live in a bubble and that others are sacrificing their health and themselves for our health. We are part of the whole, and we all have to do our part.

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A crisis is a perfect time for growth. Now is the most important time to connect to your hidden gifts and exercise your brain in a new way.

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The Emotional Survival Kit is a FREE online training that will show you:

Red Angry Face

How to calm yourself when you are Freaking Out (or about to.)

Blue Happy Face

How to talk to Children during a Crisis

Red Sad Face

How to deal with sickness and Loss.

Blue Love Face

How to be part of the Solution in a crisis.