serving the community

It’s important to stay connected with others. It’s also important to learn something new about other people. Learning about others helps you learn about yourself. You can still make new connections while you are staying at home.

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This is the ideal way to reach out to people: to reach out with the understanding that what you’re doing is a sensible act that’s backed with emotions and not an emotional act that’s rationalized into being sensible.

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Not only is sharing what you love with others a great way to stay engaged and connected, it will help inspire them to do what they love, too.

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Let’s not take things for granted! Now is the time to realize that we don’t live in a bubble and that others are sacrificing their health and themselves for our health. We are part of the whole, and we all have to do our part.

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The Emotional Survival Kit is a FREE online training that will show you:

Red Angry Face

How to calm yourself when you are Freaking Out (or about to.)

Blue Happy Face

How to talk to Children during a Crisis

Red Sad Face

How to deal with sickness and Loss.

Blue Love Face

How to be part of the Solution in a crisis.