Play Together, Stay Together – Partner Yoga Weekend

Scotts Valley, CA, United States

1440 Multiversity

February 9 - 11
Friday - Sunday, 2 nights

A Powerful Sweetness Weekend – Eric Paskel|Rina Jakubowicz

The act of maintaining, growing, and enjoying our relationships is a science and an art form. The way we relate to the world is fully in our power. The ancient philosophy of Vedanta, from the Bhagavad Gita, offers an effective, practical approach to relationships.

Discover the magic of partner yoga: a powerful and sweet way to explore interpersonal dynamics. Don’t have a partner? Come solo and make a new yoga friend!

Cultivate physical and emotional support—key ingredients for any relationship—through a gentle yet challenging approach to deepening your self-awareness as well as your ability to trust and communicate.

In this program you will:

Participate in yoga classes, interactive discussions and activities, games, lectures, and both solo and partnered hands-on exercises

Strengthen the body through rigorous poses and, with the assistance of a partner, find new ways to balance and release into relaxing stretches

Be guided in interactive group discussions focused on four principles to mastering any relationship, including Vedanta philosophy, and how you can use these ancient yoga teachings to find happiness and peace in your relationships and your life

Learn an empowered approach to better understanding yourself and those closest to you

Take home an effective plan to improve communication in all aspects of your life.

$355 Tuition
Plus 2 nights all-inclusive accommodations priced separately



Venue Details

800 Bethany Drive
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
United States