Here’s a few of the folks that have seen results working with Eric Paskel and the Emotional Survival Kit

At this point in my life, I could rest on my laurels, enjoying the fruits of my labor. I could. But I won! I was restless still wanting to create new experiences, new challenges. Enter Eric Paskel!

Eric opened up a whole new world opened for me. I was tentative at first. I took baby steps, testing the waters, slowly putting into practice what I had been learning from his lectures on how to be a better human. I learned how to REALLY listen when engaged in conversa- tions. Through Eric’s tutelage, I became my own person. No one had the power to control me, but me!

Eric challenged me mentally. I became a leader, no longer just a fol- lower.

Eric, through his teachings provided me with a blueprint for living, emphasizing what IS really important in life.

Eric has given me the opportunity to find the REAL me. I am in love with living life, constantly working to progress, no longer restless. Endless waves of transformation have brought me to this point!

Barbara Terner

When I walked into Eric’s class for the first time in 2012, I was open for something new, but I was also apprehensive and burdened by internal turmoil.

Shortly after getting hooked into Eric’s classes from his non traditional approach, humor, storytelling and ability to deliver a philosophy that finally made sense to me, I began to make significant changes in my life.

I softened. I remained opened to learning and more importantly un- learning what kept me feeling stuck, addicted and emotional.

I still live with challenges, however, they are manageable and my strengths trump my opportunities for growth. What stands out most in my life is my gratitude for my hardships, greater sense of awareness, ability to be more rational, steadfast in my endeavors and connected in my relationships. My values have deepened and my thoughts rest in higher ideals because of his teachings.

Not always seeing eye to eye, however, from a loving place, Eric has proven to have my back through and through. He is my teacher, mentor and one of my nearest and dearest because of who he is at his core.

Kimberly Rosenberg

Eric has helped me live a better life.¬†He has helped me learn about myself. He has taught me that every relationship will be a disaster if you don’t first have an understanding about yourself. Who are you? Who are you not? Who are you trying to become?

He has taught me that the problem with all relationships is never the other person. It is you!

Once you have an understanding of who the other person is and is not, and do not expect them to change, then you will be able to have a positive relationship, regardless of how the other person treats you.

It is has helped me have better relationships with people that used to easily trigger me to anger such as family members, co-workers, and my ex’s has helped me enter new relationships with confidence and form healthier, more loving friendships and romantic relationships.

Lisa Chottiner

Let’s begin by acknowledging that Eric hasn’t changed my life! However, Eric’s teachings have provided the catalyst and tools for me to change my life in more ways than I can quantify.

An interest in self-development and a desire to change led me to Eric Paskel’s classes. The consistent truths, philosophy, and real-life exam- ples granted me the power and confidence to overcome life challeng- es such as the loss of a parent, broken relationships, career changes, financial struggles and other life altering events.

Eric’s inspiring messaging provides a definitive road map for long-last- ing effective life skills.

Teachings resonate with everyday language, wisdom, some tough love, and common-sense knowledge. After many years, countless lec- tures and discussions, retreats and trainings, I still discover more layers within myself and effective lessons to apply in daily living.

Eric Paskel provides a GPS, or guide, to confidently navigate one’s course on the never-ending winding road of life!

Julie Sofia

There’s always been something different about yoga classes with Eric Paskel, something that really draws you in and makes you want to come back again and again.

His vast knowledge about the yoga philosophy penetrates every direc- tion he gives his students, and it’s topped off with a leadership quality that not many possess.

Eric has a presence about him that makes you want to do your best, and a sense of humor that makes it okay if you don’t.

Sarah Blades

It would be an injustice to say Eric Paskel is an extraordinary Yoga teacher. Eric Paskel is an extraordinary Teacher, end sentence. His understanding of life, purpose, Yoga (not only asana, but Yoga with the big Y) is exceptional.

I met this man auditioning to teach at his studio, one year ago. He said matter of factly, yeah you got the job, come to Costa Rica, learn our brand, we leave in 10 days. I was resistant as I had jobs, a puppy, cli- ents and other grand commitments that (I thought) would be irre- sponsible to bail on. I heard the calling… I said yes the next day.

I had no idea how my life would change, it was already really f’ing good but Eric’s teachings were Next Level. His beliefs on Yoga, vegan- ism, spirituality, addiction and the practice of intellect over mind, were not anything I hadn’t heard before. I’ve been a seeker since my 20’s. However, his process, to overcome and flourish in these areas was clear, simple (not easy) and honest. He had a method. No flowery spiri- tual hoo ha, no get evolved quick scheme, just hard work, with specif- ic tools, a shitload of laughs and a no bullshit honor system. I was home.

Eric Paskel is a gift to anyone he graces. His intellect and ability to serve is masterful. Take heed and listen when he speaks, cause he may look like a DE-troit Rock n Roll Yogi dude but what’s inside will blow your mind.

Vanessa Giorgio

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