No-nonsense and Woo-woo Free Help in a Crisis

The problem with so much Self Improvement stuff these days is that it’s either:

Brain-dead obvious – “Just eat less and move more” Or impractically woo-woo and airy-fairy – “Love is all you need!”

What you need is practical help that works at a deeper, faster, and better level than anything you’ve tried before. Help that side-steps and overcomes stumbling blocks and works in the real world.

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That’s what The Emotional Survival Kit is all about.

Eric Paskel is an easy-going, fun-loving guy with amazing stories from some of his wild and crazy days…

But when it comes to his training, Eric’s hard core about cutting through the bull and getting to what works – because he’s had to use this stuff to save his own life, first.

If it didn’t work for him, he ain’t teaching it to you. Simple as that.

And because Eric’s teachings are grounded in centuries worth of wisdom on the human condition, you won’t find any superficial, woo-woo, or airy-fairy generalities in this program.

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Practical Advice for a Better Life.

The training in the Emotional Survival Kit is based on ancient Vedantic philosophy that helps people separate their mammalian monkey-brain and appetites from their true selves in order to gain more control over and peace in their life.

But where not just talking philosophy, we’re talking practical how-to.

“Stop letting my monkey brain drive my life? Sounds good, how exactly do I do that?”

EXACTLY! The Emergency Survival Kit will give you simple step by step instructions on how to do that.

And best of all, because the teachings impact root causes, they also break up patterns rather than just straightforward problems.

About the Emotional Survival Kit
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You know what we mean by patterns, right?

Where you always seem to end up in the same kind of pickles, burned out relationships, and dysfunctions over and over again?

Ever been there? Most of us have, including Eric.

And the thing about those patterns is they aren’t straightforward problems, easily solvable by “if x, do y” type of modern, analytical self help BS.

But they are a common part of the human condition, which means Vedanitc philosophy knows how to deal with them. That’s why Eric’s course not only fixes problems, it untangles patterns.

Ready to un-stick the “repeat” button on those patterns and move forward into a new life? Sign up for The Emotional Survival Kit.

What is included?

The Emotional Survival Kit is comprised of 8 modules and 25 videos totaling just over 2 1/2 hours of training:

This module Includes some foundational lessons that you will need to understand the full course.

Discover techniques that will help you stay calm and clear headed no matter what is happening around you.

Learn ways that you can be a calming influence on those around you.

Learn what to say to say to children in a time of uncertainty and crisis.

Illness and death touch all of us, this module will show you how to grieve without shutting down.

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